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Rad Electronics Incorporated, designs and manufactures custom electro-mechanical parts and systems. We take pride with the quality of products designed and manufactured. Our quality system is in full compliance with the “ISO 9001” standards for design and manufacturing, and our workmanship acceptance standard is based upon IPC 610 class “C”.

With your next project, let us be your “Design Engineering Department” specializing in custom tooling, fixturing, robotics, electronic and mechanical processes. We have many years of custom design experience and have developed precision industrial products, from highly integrated Inspection Workstations to simple Vacuum Chucks.

As our name conveys, Rad Electronics Inc. is “Rapid Application Design”, where we have on many occasions, in less than 6 weeks put completely designed products in your hands for evaluation. As a small company, we will provide an unexcelled level of personal attention tailored for your specific requirements and details, that other larger companies cannot match. We are flexible to change, we listen, we stay focused and we deliver exactly what you need.

We welcome design challenges other facilities similar to ours will not quote or consider. We excel in innovative solutions and have on many occasions exceeded our customers expectations on price and delivery.

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Our services include but are not limited to:

We have developed many products for a wide variety of customers:

We have solved and improved numerous production problems.

An example of how we improved and created new technologies is detailed below:

Problem: A major manufacturer of Computer Hard Drives came to us to solve their newly desired process. They wanted to inspect the under side of their Wafer/Substrates using their existing process equipment.

Constraint: Doing so would require no contamination to the topside of their substrates while securing their substrate firmly.

Solution: We reviewed the topology of the substrates and determined that it can be held in location using vacuum technology and custom rubber gasketing to seal the vacuum against the top surface. A rubber material was selected for its cleanliness and durometer to satisfy all of their requirements.

They have now successfully implemented the custom vacuum chucks into their inspection equipment.

We also provide various documentation packages upon request.

We have various levels of design packages available.

Variations are always negotiable. Below are some package examples starting from the most economical:

We ...

We generally follow a standard flow pattern for the design and development process.

Let us quote your next process development idea or product

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